Current Ph.D. Students

Xiaotong Suo (Univ. of Michigan)

Scott Powers

Nadine Hussami
(American University of Beirut)

Yunjin Choi

Stephen Reid (University of Stellenbosch)

Sam Gross (Harvard)

Alexandra Chouldechova (Univ. of Toronto)

Max Jacob Grazier G'Sell (Caltech)

Former Ph.D. Students

Jacob Bien

Jun Li

Noah Simon

Genevera Allen

Now at Baylor U school of Med. and Rice Univ. Dept of Statistics

Holger Hoefling

Now at Novartis in Basil

Gen Nowak

Australian National University; Back at ANU

Daniela Witten

Biology & Mathematics, Stanford University; now at U Wash. Biostatistics

Sisi Kapp

Stanford 2005 "". Now at Genentech

Yaqian Guo Stanford 2005 "Regularized disciminant analysis". Now at ??

Xiaolong (Ron) Yu
Stanford 2005 "". Now at Genentech

Eric Bair Stanford 2004. "Survival analysis of microarray data". Univ of North Carolina, School of Dentistry

Pei Wang Stanford 2004. "Analysis of CGH data for oncogenic pathways". Now at Fred Hutchincon Cancer Research center, Seattle

Ilana Belitskaya-Levy "Two-way clustering" Stanford 2002. Now at New York Univ.

John Storey False Discovery Rates: Theory and Applications to DNA Microarrays Stanford 2001.

Now at Univ of Washington.

Rafal Kustra "Statistics and PET
Toronto 2000

Founder of E-steam inc, Palo Alto . Now at the University of Toronto.

Xiang Sun
"The lasso for neural networks;

Currently at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development L.L.C. at Raritan, New Jersey,

Carmen Mak , Toronto 1998

"Polychotomous logistic regression via the LASSO;
Now at Schering-Plough, New Jersey

Ed Susko ,

Toronto 1998

"Postdoc in biostatistics
Now at Dalhousie Univ, Halifax.

Wenjiang Fu

Toronto 1997

"The bridge estimator
Now at Dept of Health Studies, Michigan State Univ

Marguerite Ennis , Toronto 1995

"Monotone spline smoothing"
Now a private consultant, Toronto Ontario

Majid Mojirsheibani , Toronto 1995

"Bootstrap prediction intervals"
Now at Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario

Kiros Berhane, Toronto, 1994

"Generalized estimating equations for generalized additive models"

Now at Univ of Pittsburgh

Sunil Rao, Toronto, 1994

"Model selection via the bootstrap"
Now at Case Western University

Margaret Oberc, Toronto, 1992

"Relative risk trees"
Now in the computer industry, Toronto.

James Stafford , Toronto 1991

"Symbolic computation with applications to the sandwich estimator"
Now at University of Toronto Ontario

Yong Hao, Toronto, 1990

Dissertation title: "Resistant fitting for binary data"
Now at Ontario Cancer Institute

Penny Brasher , Toronto, 1989

"Residuals for the Cox model"
Now at Alberta Cancer Board
Larry Wasserman (co-advisor) , Toronto, 1988

"Belief functions"
Now at Carnegie Mellon

Students of my supervisor, Brad Efron:

Norman Breslow (1966), Jim Ware (1969), Stanley Shapiro (1971), Gary Simon (1972), Lou Gordon (1972), Terry O'Neill (1975), Art Peterson (1975), Ron Thisted (1976), Naithua Duan (1979), Gail Gong (1981), Terry Therneau (1983), Tim Hesterberg (1984), Robert Tibshirani (1984), Abi Sarkar (1995), Alan Gous,(1998), Samuel Kou (2001)