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Probabilty by Surprise

Experimenting Paradoxes - Applets


Visualizing Probabilities - Applets

Beware, the current versions are very sensitive to which browsers you use, see the instructions.

The Class Notes

This contains all the class notes for the Introduction to Probability class currently taught at Stanford using these, and other web-resources.


This work was made possible by a grant from NSF-DUE and the support of Cornell University and the statistics department at Stanford. Collaborators who have written applets include Brigitte Charnomordic, Marc Coram, Susan Holmes, Balasubramanuan Narasimhan, Hua Tang, Ying Taur, Jing Zhi, Jeff Zhu. Consultants who have helped in other ways include Bob Connelly, Persi Diaconis, Marc Huber and Barbara Tversky.

NCTM Illuminations

Chosen as a Selected Web Resource by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Illuminations Project.

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