Here are the slides for some of my talks, in reverse chronological order.
If you happen to notice any mistakes, omissions, mis-citations or mis-quotations, please let me know!
  1. Feature Ordering by Conditional Independence.
  2. Average Gromov hyperbolicity and the Parisi ansatz.
  3. Yang-Mills for mathematicians.
  4. Wilson loops in Ising lattice gauge theory.
  5. Infosys-ICTS Ramanujan Lectures (2019), Lecture 1.
  6. Infosys-ICTS Ramanujan Lectures (2019), Lecture 2.
  7. Infosys-ICTS Ramanujan Lectures (2019), Lecture 3.
  8. Some progress on 2D KPZ.
  9. An introduction to gauge theories for probabilists.
  10. Decay of correlations in the random field Ising model.
  11. Rigidity of the 3D hierarchical Coulomb gas.
  12. A general method for lower bounds on fluctuations of random variables.
  13. The endpoint distribution of directed polymers.
  14. The sample size required in importance sampling.
  15. The 1/N expansion for lattice gauge theories.
  16. The Yang-Mills free energy.
  17. Gauge-string duality in lattice gauge theories.
  18. A short survey of Stein's method. (ICM lecture)
  19. Least squares under convex constraint.
  20. Nonlinear large deviations.
  21. Matrix estimation by Universal Singular Value Thresholding.
  22. St. Petersburg School in Probability and Statistical Physics (2012), Lecture 1.
  23. St. Petersburg School in Probability and Statistical Physics (2012), Lecture 2.
  24. St. Petersburg School in Probability and Statistical Physics (2012), Lecture 3.
  25. Invariant measures and the soliton resolution conjecture.
  26. The universal relation between exponents in first-passage percolation.
  27. Superconcentration and related phenomena (Luminy lecture notes).
  28. Applications of dense graph limits in probability and statistics.
  29. Probabilistic methods for discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  30. Random graphs with a given degree sequence.
  31. The large deviation principle for the Erdős-Rényi random graph.
  32. Random multiplicative functions in short intervals.
  33. The missing log in large deviations for triangle counts.
  34. Superconcentration.
  35. Tutorial lectures given at Stein's method conference in Singapore.
  36. Chaos, concentration, and multiple valleys.
  37. A new approach to strong embeddings.
  38. Spin glasses and Stein's method.
  39. Fluctuations of eigenvalues and second order Poincaré inequalities.
  40. Gravitational allocation to Poisson points.
  41. Convex polytopes, interacting particles, spin glasses, and finance.
  42. A new method of normal approximation.
  43. On the concentration of Haar measures.
  44. A generalization of the Lindeberg principle.
  45. Concentration inequalities with exchangeable pairs.