Omar De la Cruz C., Ph.D.


Modern science is producing massive, high-dimensional, heterogeneous data sets; new statistical techniques provide ways to tackle these challenges. It's a great time to be a statistician!
My interests are Statistical Genetics, geometric approaches to data analysis, high dimensional data, and kernel methods.
Previously, my field of work in Pure Mathematics was Set Theory.


I am currently teaching Biostatistics (Stats 141 / Bio 141). I have taught other courses (graduate and undergraduate) in Statistics, as well as in Mathematics.
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Computational Biology Seminar

The subject of this seminar is computational biology in a wide sense, including (but not limited to) bioinformatics, statistical genetics and genomics, and modeling of biological systems at all levels. We usually meet at the Clark Center (Bio-X).
If you are interested in participating, contact me.


My family and I enjoy hiking, travel, movies, music, and nice food. The usual stuff!