Ya Xu


Course Highlight

Machine Learning

  • STATS 306B: Unsupervised learning (topics)

  • STATS 315A: Supervised learning (topics)

  • STATS 315B: Tree-based learning methods and ensemble methods (topics)

  • STATS 315C: Learning from matrix valued data (topics)

  • CS 221: Artificial intelligence (topics)

  • CS 369M: Algorithms for modern massive data set analysis (topics)

Other coursework

  • EE 364A: Convex optimization

  • STATS 305: Intro to Statistical modeling

  • STATS 306A: Discrete data modeling (topics)

  • STATS 324: Multivariate analysis

  • STATS 362: Monte Carlo sampling

  • STATS 352: Spatial Statistics

  • Statistical theory (STATS 300A, B, C); Probability theory (STATS 310A, B, C)