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WaveLab Introduction

WaveLab is a library of MATLAB routines for wavelet analysis, wavelet- packet analysis, cosine-packet analysis and matching pursuit. The library is available free of charge over the Internet. Versions are provided for Macintosh, UNIX and Windows machines.

WaveLab has been used in teaching courses in adapted wavelet analysis at Stanford and at Berkeley. It is the basis for wavelet research by the authors, and may be used to reproduce the figures in their published articles, and to redo those figures with variations in the parameters.

WaveLab has over 1200 files which are documented, indexed and cross- referenced in various ways. MATLAB MEX files are used extensively to increase throughput.

In addition to routines implementing basic wavelet transforms for finite data sets (both periodic transforms and boundary-corrected transforms), wavelet-packet analysis, cosine-packet analysis and matching pursuit, the library contains scripts which the authors believe will assist in learning the practical aspects of wavelet analysis:

WaveLab also offers:


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