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Statistics Department



My main themes of research are:

  • Many aspects of computational Biology, for an introduction to the subject, you can peruse the links and summaries from the course I teach (in 2012 it was in the Spring, in 2013 it will be a summer three week: intensive course): computational statistics in genetics.
  • Computer intensive methods in multivariate statistics, especially the bootstrap. I wrote my thesis on the bootstrap for multivariate analyses. I have a course on the bootstrap, if you are interested here is the web version of the course notes.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences. I have several projects linked to this theme in project, much introductory material can be found at the web site of the course I taught at Cornell, here is the material associated Computer Intensive methods in Biology. More recently see my work on using phylogenetics and multivariate statistics to study the microbiome.
  • Multivariate Statistics applied to complex heterogeneous data. I collaborate with several PI's in the medical school on finding transcriptomic patterns in genes that are important in various diseases. For my analyses, I use the tools made available by the Bioconductor group.
  • Combining phylogenetics and multivariate analyses to discover patterns in the human microbiome. I have developed a reproducible workflow for the analysis of taxa abundance counts and phylogenetic trees for making inferences about associations between bacterial communities and clinical variables. the Bioconductor package phyloseq is an open source package for documenting and doing exploratory and confirmatory analyses on microbial census data.
  • I came to the US for the first time in 1989 to teach a course on Computational Statistics,
    a course I have since taught several times and the notes for which you can find here: Computational Statistics.
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