Statistics Department


Stat 206 - Applied Multivariate Analysis - Fall 2007

Instructor: Susan Holmes
Office: Sequoia Hall Room: 102
Special this week : Zongming Office Hours: Friday, 3:30-5:30
Remember Final at 8.30am this Monday

Course Schedule
Week 1 09/24/07 Logistics Syllabus First Lecture
09/26/07 Lab/HW 1 Lab/HW 1 sols Survey
Week 2 10/1/07 STAT 191-Regression HW 2 Faraway Book on Regression
Week 3 10/8/07 Singular Value Decomposition
10/12/07 Lab 12:50 PM, Sequoia Hall, Room Lab 2/HW3 Lab 2/HW3 Solns
Week 4/5 10/22/07 Principal Components Paper on Duality Diagrams
Week 6/7 11/5/07 Multidimensional Scaling Three Examples of MDS (online book available from Stanford) Interactive Multidimensional Scaling, (XGVIS)
Week 8 11/12/07 Wikipedia entry on Clustering Correspondence Analysis Midterm Solutions
Week 9 11/26/07 Spectral Clustering Kernels on Graphs
Friday 11/30/07 Decision Trees Handout on CART Slides on CART Spam Variables description
Week 10 12/03/07 EM for Normal Mixtures (slides) Wikipedia on EM Handout based on C. Bishop's chapter 9
Tech Report on the MClust package
Quick R : Factor Analysis Factor Analysis: chapter 4 Everitt Link Structural Equation Modelling

  © 2007 Susan Holmes