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Time and Place:MWF 11.00-11.50 , 380-380W


Susan Holmes, Sequoia 102,

Teaching Assistants :
Vicki Stodden, Sequoia , Joahan Lim, Sequoia 108 ,

Lingyu Chen, Sequoia 216,


Please do not ask ``How do I answer question x in the homework?'' by email.

Office Hours - In Sequoia Hall

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1-2 Susan        
2.15-3.15 Vicki (in lab)   Vicki    
3-4   Lingyu   Lingyu Johan
4-5 Johan        


The required text is available at the bookstore, it is : Mathematical Statistics and Data Analaysis
John Rice.

Also recommended as a reference text: Elements of Large-Sample Theory
Eric Lehmann.

Approximate Class Syllabus

Syllabus PDF file

Computer Labs

Handing in a completed LAB SHEET is compulsory, you can do it in the lab with the TA's or on your own and hand in the sheet before Wednesday evening.

There will be some computer labs in Sequoia's upstairs PC-lab:
Labs....start week of 01/21/01

Monday 2:15: (15 people)
 nmfong, ndaviden, kpilner, rona, ytai, pbarrile, apiruk,
 salvekar, sryoon, bshaby, vsandin, emily, shunta, drubin, hlwang
Tuesday 6:30pm: (14 people)
 jesseb, fusionic, jgifford, michali, wptang, genewong, bidemi, shubbard,
 yzou, jjmkeever, subarna, keljr, opium, xyoli
Wednesday 2:15pm: (14 people)
 keylee, nbastian, hugh2, richardp, justlee, ncwang, hwu591, dhorner,
 kaleeg, leahob, nzhang, kcorby, shairhee, hsuak
Unassigned to these dates: adho


Linear algebra, calculus, probability at the stat116 level.

We will use the computer for optimization and simulation problems, either matlab or S-plus are recommended.

Exams and Assignments

There will be six homeworks  
and four labs 40%
(the worst one will be dropped in the average)  
There will be one midterm 20 %
(Open Book, bring calculators)  
There will be one final 40 %
(Open book/ open notes.) -  

The final will be at the exam period fixed by the administration to be , no makeup, please do not take this course if you have a conflict.

Class attendanceMost of the exam questions will be related to problems mentioned in class, your grade will have a high probability of being correlated to your class attendance.


General instructions:
Do not give them in late because the solutions will be posted on the web, so there will be NO credit for late homeworks. If you are having trouble with a lecture or a homework, come to office hours as soon as possible, do not wait until exam time to catch up, from our experience, any trouble students have with this class is due to backlog, that is why we have weekly quizzes. If you cannot do all of a problem, you should still hand in what you have done.

Try other problems in the textbook. The problems given on the problem sheets are only a few of the infinitely many problems that exist! And there are many good problems in the textbook from which you will learn alot. It is by no means expected that you will do every problem in the text; this course only goes for a quarter, not a decade. However, in preparing for exams in this subject, you will find it useful to be comfortable solving various problems. The course is mostly a problem solving one, not a technical one.

Graded homeowrks are to be found in the stat60 cubby holes on the second floor of Sequoia Hall, slightly further than the computer room on your left.

Homework 1

These exercices should be done by January 24th and handed in before lecture:
Rice, Page 225-234.


Page 1 Page 2

Homework 2

These exercices should be done by Friday, February 2nd and handed in before lecture:
Rice, Chapter 7, Page 226-234.
18,26,28,42,46,51(continues 50).

Homework 3

These exercices should be done by Monday, February 11th and handed in before lecture:
Rice, Chapter 8, Page 293-296.
11,12,14,28,42. Solutions

Homework 4

These exercices should be done by Wednesay, February 21st and handed in before lecture:
Rice, Chapter 8, Page 293-297.

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Susan Holmes