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Homework 1

These exercices should be done by Wednesday September 30th and handed in before lecture:

Exercices, pages 35-40 of text 16,24,25,29,30,31.
Look at the class web site:


For number 16 : Start with two sets as I did in clas find a lower bound for $P(A\cap B)$ then consider $A\cap B$ to be a set F that you can re-apply the formula to:

\begin{displaymath}A\cap B\cap C= (A\cap B) \cap C = F\cap C\end{displaymath}

and so forth.......

Hint for clover leaf problems:
You need to maximize a function of r that might look too difficult, you may optimize it by using a graph of the function made with your calculator or a computer program, an approximate answer is OK.

Here are the solutions:

PDF file (needs acrobat).

Or a postscript file, (needs ghostview).

Susan Holmes