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Homework - Lab. 3

No more exercices to be done by Monday February 17th, BUT the prjects must be started, and you should email me your subjects and the first things you have tried by this Friday, February 14th.

You must also run through the following, checking that everything works for you:

  1. Theory Center
    1. To log in, you can telnet to one of these addresses:
      for short-running interactive work: (limited to 20 CPU minutes in 60 wallclock minutes)

      for long-running interactive work: (limited to 6 CPU hours in 24 wallclock hours; recommended for work that cannot readily be done in batch)

    2. The Theory Center's online information system, CTCinfo, contains documents and tutorials to help you get started using our systems. Plea se take the time to read them. CTCinfo is on the World Wide Web. If you don't have Web browser software on your workstation or personal computer , you can type a browser command such as "netscape", "Mosaic" or "lynx" on any production Theory Center machine. For information about the SP, start at URL The best thing to read first is the "Getting Started" guide.
    3. Information and notices about system changes, upgrades, and scheduled downtimes will be placed in the login banner (motd) or in the daily news (type "news" to see it). The spstatus command is another good source of current system information. To receive email notices about changes, sen d a one-line email message reading
      "subscribe theory-center-announcement-l
      <your_first_name> <your_last_name>" to
  2. Splus
    Splus is a very similar system to Matlab, but for every function has round brackets, we will do some examples in lab.

    However to quit you type q() at the prompt, it saves everything you did in binary form, so you must edit and then input the functions, there are no automatic .m files.

  3. Using graphical displays
    You must have a connection that supports xwindows emulation in some way, (openwin, xinit, tcsh,...)

    Permit a window to be opened on your machine with:
    xhost +
    then once you are on the other machine, tell it where the dispalys are to appear with:
    setenv DISPLAY desmodus.biom:0.0
    where desmodus.biom identifies your machine.

  4. Little exercice about eigenvalues: try the power method on both Matlab and Splus for finding the eigenvalues of a matrix.

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Susan Holmes 2002-01-12