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Statistics Department

We have been awarded an NIH Transformative Research Award (High Risk High Rewards) to develop multitable methods to predict Resilience in the Human Microbiome with David Relman. See announcement .

New Methods and Software:
PLOS ONE Phyloseq paper (highly accessed!):
March 2013 : PLOS ONE
PLOS Computational Biology Paper (highly accessed!):
April 2014 : PLOS Comp Bio

Papers and Chapters:
Our chapter on Statistical Data Analysis Challenges from the Microbiome appeared in the National Academies volume, see here:
Old News: first Kaggle in Class competition: Nelson Ray presents Kaggle in Class for Stats202, 2010
CAUSEweb: The Role of a Wine Pricing Competition in Teaching Data Mining at Stanford with Susan Holmes & Nelson Ray, Stanford - April 26th, 2011

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