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Preprints and submitted papers
  1. Yang-Mills for probabilists.
  2. Central limit theorem for the free energy of the random field Ising model.
  3. Rigidity of the three-dimensional hierarchical Coulomb gas.
  4. A general method for lower bounds on fluctuations of random variables.
  5. The endpoint distribution of directed polymers. (with Erik Bates)
  6. The 1/N expansion for SO(N) lattice gauge theory at strong coupling. (with Jafar Jafarov)
  7. High dimensional regression and matrix estimation without tuning parameters.
  8. Prediction error of cross-validated Lasso. (with Jafar Jafarov)
  9. Localization in random geometric graphs with too many edges. (with Matan Harel)
  10. Stochastic solutions of the wave equation.
  11. Assumptionless consistency of the Lasso.
  12. Disorder chaos and multiple valleys in spin glasses.
  13. Chaos, concentration, and multiple valleys.
  14. The Ghirlanda-Guerra identities without averaging.
  15. A simple invariance theorem.
  16. An error bound in the Sudakov-Fernique inequality.

Published or accepted papers
  1. Rigorous solution of strongly coupled SO(N) lattice gauge theory in the large N limit. To appear in Comm. Math. Phys.
  2. On the decay of correlations in the random field Ising model. To appear in Comm. Math. Phys.
  3. The sample size required in importance sampling. (with Persi Diaconis) To appear in Ann. App. Probab.
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  5. A central limit theorem for a new statistic on permutations. (with Persi Diaconis) To appear in a special issue of Indian J. Pure App. Math. in honor of Professor B. V. Rao
  6. On level sets of Gaussian fields. (with Amir Dembo and Jian Ding) To appear in Electr. Commun. Probab.
  7. A short survey of Stein's method. To appear in Proceedings of ICM 2014.
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