GXNA (Gene eXpression Network Analysis)

GXNA is an innovative method for analyzing gene expression data using gene interaction networks. From this web page you can read the paper describing the method, download the software, and browse various supporting materials.

Available materials:

We are working on several improvements to the software, including a graphical user interface and streamlining the inputs. Email us if you would like to be informed of future updates.

Recent updates:
4/2/2008 Version 2.0 is here. You can get it from the download page. It has undergone testing, but there may be glitches - please email any bug reports or feedback. The quick start guide has also been updated. For users of the previous version, here is a list of the changes.
12/15/2007 Added annotation maps for Affy 133 and Agilent Whole Human Genome.
1/29/2007 Added basic R interface.
1/28/2007 Added directory for annotation maps.

All the source code for the GXNA software is Copyright, 2006 by Serban Nacu. You are welcome to freely use the binary and browse the source code, however you must obtain permission before changing or reusing the source.

Contact: Serban Nacu, serban dot nacu at gmail dot com.