Vita of Nirad Chaudhuri

The following is a chronology taken from the book titled Nirad C. Chaudhuri by Chetan Karnani with some additions by me. Incidentally, I find some discrepancies in the chronology by Karnani. For example, Karnani says Chaudhuri was married in 1931, while the author himself gives the year as 1932. I have tried my best to make this as accurate as possible.

This chronology leaves much to be desired. Exact dates are hard to come by and there are gaps. For, I know that from my readings Nirad Chaudhuri worked for the French ambassador in New Delhi for a period of time. I shall try to plug these holes when I can.


Year Event
1897 Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri is born on 23 November, in Kishorganj, Myemsingh district, East Bengal (now Bangladesh), the second of eight children of Upendra Narayan Chaudhuri and Susheela Sundarrani Chaudhurani.
1910 Leaves Kishorganj for Calcutta.
1914 Passes matriculation examination.
1917 Writes ``Objective Method in History.''
1918 Graduates with a first class in History from Scottish Church College, Calcutta University.
1920 Fails exams for M. A. (History); gives up formal studies.
1921 Government clerk in Military Accounts.
1924 Nirad Chaudhuri's mother passes away.
1926 Assistant editor of The Modern Review, under Ramanand Chatterjee.
1927 Editor of the Bengali journal Shonibarer Chithi. Meets poet Rabindranath Tagore.
1932 Marries Amiya Dhar, a writer on April 21, 1932. Works for the Bangla journal Probashi.
1934 First son Dhruva Narayan Chaudhuri is born.
1934 Second son Kirti Narayan Chaudhuri is born on 8 September. He is named after Chaudhuri's great-great-grandfather.
1937 Nirad Chaudhuri becomes secretary to Sarat Chandra Bose.
1937 Stops writing in Bengali.
1939 Third son Prithvi Narayan Chaudhuri is born.
1942 Leaves Calcutta for Delhi; appointed political commentator for All India Radio.
1951 Publishes The Autobiography of an unknown Indian.
1955 Makes first trip abroad to England, France and Italy.
1959 Publishes A Passage to England.
1965 Publishes The Continent of Circe.
1966 Nirad Chaudhuri receives the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize for The Continent of Circe. Resumes writing in Bengali for a brief period and stops again.
1967 Publishes The Intellectual in India.
1970 Leaves India and emigrates to Oxford. Begins work on Scholar Extraordinary.
1972 Visiting Professor at University of Texas and University of Chicago.
1974 Publishes Scholar Extraordinary.
1975 Publishes Clive of India.
1979 Publishes Hinduism.
1987 Publishes Thy Hand! Great Anarch at age ninety. Resumes writing in Bengali.
1990 Oxford university confers an honorary doctorate on Nirad Chaudhuri.
1992 The Queen of England confers an honorary CBE on Dr. Chaudhuri.
1994 Amiya Chaudhurani passes away 17 September 1994.
1997 At age 100, publishes Three Horsemen of the new Apocalypse.
1 August 1999 At age 101, Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri passes away in Oxford.

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