Applet Demos for JSM 96 Talk

Note A much improved and comprehensive set of tools will soon be posted.

This page contains a few of the Applets I've developed in JAVA. The graphical stuff is based on Leigh Brookshaw's Graph2D class. The complete code is available if you are interested.

Caution I've checked these applets on Unix/X11 platforms. However, I do find that the DOS and Mac platforms sometimes srew a few things up. Try getting the latest version of Netscape.

Example 1

The first example demonstrates how one can use the distribution objects to fool around with parameters of various distributions.

The example shown has three applets running concurrently. The first allows one to vary the parameters of the normal density using sliders. The second shows how one can shade certain parts of the graph: the empirical rule is demonstrated. The third is basically an application of the empirical rule with some values highlighted.

Example 2

This example demonstrates how the T distribution approaches the normal for large degrees of freedom.

Example 3

This example shows how one can produce plots using a URL. This example accepts a URL and plots a normal quantile plot. The data is actually a list of 30 normal variates from Lisp-Stat.

Example 4

This Example allows one to find the probabilities under the density curve. It also shades the appropriate area.

Example 5

Example 5 shows a plot of a binomial pmf with sliders for changing the parameters.

Example 6

Example 6 is a futuristic one; futuristic, since some aspects remain undone. It shows a page with a tool bar which presents a student with a bunch of software tools for doing computations. The tool bar only provides statistical tables and a calculator for now, but more will be added in the future.

I hope that such "workbook" pages will become useful in education leaving us more time in class to concentrate on conceptual ideas.

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