Beginning as an undergraduate TA, I will have 7 years of experience teaching at the time of my graduation. Before my first TA position I worked as a math tutor with clients ranging from college engineering students in multivariable calculus to high school students studying for college entrance exams. I enjoy helping people understand challenging material and I am optimistic about the potential of every person to learn statistical and mathematical concepts.


Quarter Course Description/Course page
Summer 2014 STATS 302: Qualifying Exams Workshop Coached first year PhD students for theoretical statistics qualifying exam
Summer 2015 STATS 390: Consulting Workshop Organized the Statistics department's free consulting service and lectured to students on common topics arising in consulting


Quarter Course Instructor
Summer 2012 STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis Rajan Patel
Fall 2012 STATS 300A: Theory of Statistics (PhD level) Joseph Romano
Winter 2012 STATS 200: Introduction to Statistical Inference Guenther Walther
Spring 2012 STATS 116: Theory of Probability Joseph Romano
Fall 2013 STATS 310A: Theory of Probability (PhD level) Persi Diaconis
Winter 2013 STATS 300B: Theory of Statistics (PhD level) David Siegmund
Winter 2014 STATS 315A: Modern Applied Statistics: Learning Trevor Hastie
At Rutgers I was a teaching assistant for calculus and multivariable calculus.