My wife and I live on campus in student housing where we are Community Associates. This primarily means we organize social events for our fellow residents, but we also have some training and responsibilities in responding to urgent situations. Community building is a challenge because graduate students are always so busy!


We are avid audiobook listeners. Lately we have been on an extended SciFi/Fantasy kick. Some of our favorite authors are, in no particular order, Pierce Brown, David Mitchell, Frank Herbert, Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Andy Weir, Pearl Buck, and Boris Akunin. We enjoy taking long walks around the beautiful Stanford campus while listening.


Board games, card games, party games, even computer games! A few that I have enjoyed recently: Wise and Otherwise, BANG! (and the dice game version), Coup, Hanabi, and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.


A healthy hobby, and done well it can even be an artform. I'm not a serious competitor but it's still fun to track and try to break my own records.

Sequoia 206 camping in Yosemite



Every once in a while I write in my blog about various topics.