Dave Donoho
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 Current Students

Arian Maleki
Former Postdoctoral Students

Miki Elad

Georgina Flesia

Jared Tanner

Jonathan Kaplan

Iddo Drori

Morteza Shahram
Former Students

Richard Liu, Berkeley, 1988
Now in Ithaca, NY
"Geometry in Robustness and Nonparametrics"
Filing date: 11/27/87

Jianqing Fan, Berkeley, 1989
Now at Princeton
"Contributions to the Estimation of Nonregular Functionals"
Filing date: 4/26/89

Kong Wang, Berkeley, 1990
Now at Sony Laboratories
Major: material science/mineral engineering
Dissertation title: "Bandlimiting and Sparse Recovery"

Charles Kooperberg, Berkeley, 1991
Now at University of Washington, Seattle
"Smoothing Images, Curves and Densities"
Filing date: 4/18/91

Bin Zhou, Berkeley, 1991
Now on Wall Street
"Analysis of Volatile Time Series, with Reference to Foreign Exchange Rates"
Filing date: 7/31/91

Hong-Ye Gao, Berkeley, 1993
Now in Silicon Valley
"Wavelet Estimation of Spectral Densities in Time-Series Analysis"
Filing date: 8/26/93

Eric D. Kolaczyk, Stanford, 1994
Now at Boston University
"Wavelet Methods for the Inversion of Certain Homogeneous Linear Operators in the Presence of Noisy Data

Shaobing Chen, Stanford, 1995
Now at Renaissance Technologies [Investments] (Long Island)
"Basis Pursuit"

John Buckheit, Stanford 1996
Now CEO, Yield Dynamics, Inc. "Statistical Applications of Adaptive Wavelet Analysis"

Thomas Pok Yin Yu, Stanford, 1997
Now at Drexel University
"New Developments in Interpolating Wavelet Transforms"

Emmanuel Candès, Stanford, 1998
Now at California Institute of Technology.
"Ridgelets: Theory and Applications"

Xiaoming Huo Stanford, 1999
Now at Georgia Tech.
"Sparse Coding by Combined Representation"

Jiashun Jin Stanford, 2003
Now at Carnegie-Mellon.
"Detecting and Estimating Sparse Mixtures"

Carrie Grimes Stanford, 2003
Now at Google.
"Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction"

Ery Arias-Castro Stanford, 2004
Now at University of California, San Diego.
"Graphical Structures for Geometric Detection"

Noureddine El-Karoui Stanford, 2005
Now at University of California, Berkeley.
"Extended Validity of Tracy-Widom Limiting Law, With Statistical Applications"

Ofer Levi-Tsabari Stanford, 2005
Now at Ben-Gurion University.
"Multiscale geometric analysis of three-dimensional data"

Victoria Stodden Stanford, 2006
Now at MIT.
"Model selection when the number of variables exceeds the number of observations"

Inam Ur Rahman Stanford, 2006
Now at Apple.
"Multiscale Decomposition of Manifold-Valued Data"

Yaakov Tsaig Stanford, 2007
Now at Moody's KMG.
" Fast Solution of L1 Minimization Problems "