Emmanuel's classes




Academic year 2017/2018

Stats 300C (Spring 2018)
Theory of Statistics



Past Courses taught at Stanford 2009—present

Stats 319 (Spring 2014)
Literature of Statistics

Stats 300C (Spring 2011--2017)
Theory of Statistics

Math 262 / CME 372 (Winter 2014, 2016)
Applied Fourier Analysis and Elements of Modern Signal Processing

Math 310 / CME 329 (Fall 2013)
The The Top Ten Algorithms of the 20th Century

Stats 318 (Spring 2012)
Modern Markov Chains

Math 301 (Winter 2011, 2013, 2015)
Advanced Topics in Convex Optimization

Stats 330 (CME 362) (Spring 2010)
An Introduction to Compressive Sensing

Math 104 (Fall 2009, Winter 2011, 2012)
Applied Matrix Theory


Past Courses taught at Caltech 2000—2009

ACM 104
Matrix Theory

ACM 106a
Introductory Methods of Computational Mathematics

ACM 113
Introduction to Optimization

ACM/EE 116
Introduction to Probability Models with Applications

Methods in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis

ACM 126ab
Wavelets and Modern Signal Processing

ACM 216
Markov Chains, Discrete Stochastic Processes and Applications

ACM 270
Advanced Topics in Convex Optimization

Math 2a
Probability and Statistics



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