Stats 330: Handouts





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All handouts are available in PDF format. To read .pdf files you need Adobe's Acroread.

Course handouts:

  • Course Organization .html.
  • Course Survey: .pdf.


  • Underdetermined systems of equations and compressed sensing .pdf.
  • Characterization of minimum L1 solutions .pdf.
  • Probabilistic approach to compressed sensing .pdf.
  • Incoherent sampling theorem .pdf.
  • Matrix completion .pdf.
  • Deterministic approach to compressed sensing .pdf.
  • Sparse regression .pdf.
  • Reweighted L1 minimization .pdf.
  • Optimality of compressed sensing .pdf.
  • Nesterov's method for smooth unconstrained optimization .pdf.
  • Projected gradient methods .pdf.
  • Nesterov's method for minimizing composite functions .pdf.
  • Methods for the minimization of nonsmooth functions: templates for convex cone programs .pdf. Check paper and software here.
  • Compressed sensing for magnetic resonance imaging .pdf.