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Please check to find out what section you are in. The section number you got from the Registrar may have been changed.

Occasionally the Sections are uneven when they come from the Registrar and changes must be made in order to even out the number of students in each. These changes are done at random.

The section lists can be accessed by using the pull down menu on the top right side of this page. Each one contains TA information and a list of students.

If you want to change sections, please fill out the form on the Section Change page which can be found by using the pull down menu on the top left-hand side of this page. Do not go to the Registrar, the TA or even the Professor. Please note that section changes are only allowed when there is a scheduling conflict.

Each section has a cap on the number of students allowed. If you cannot get into the section you want you have 2 alternatives: attend the section anyway but turn your homework into the one you're supposed to be in, or you can check back into the Math Office later because things do change and there may be room at another time.