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Because this is the first week, the problem set #1 will exceptionally be due in class on Wednesday, October 8 instead of Monday.

Hints are available for homework 4.

The midterm will be distributed on Wednesday, October 29 and due on Monday, November 3 before 10 a.m. The exam should be completed in a single time-window not exceeding 3 hours.

There will be two (identical) midterm review sessions: one on Tuesday, October 28 at 9pm and the other on Wednesday, October 29 at 6pm. Location: 151 Sloan.

In the last problem of homework #6, read: "The hope is that an interviewee is more likely to answer truthfully if he or she realizes that the interviewer does not know which statement is being responded to."

The final will be available on Friday at about 2:30pm. It will be due on Thursday, December 11 at noon.

There will be one review session on Friday, December 5 at 4 p.m., 151 Sloan. Another (identical) review session will take place on Monday at 1pm, 151 Sloan or 22 Gates.