Emmanuel Candès

The Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics
at Stanford University

Professor of Mathematics and of Statistics
Professor of Electrical Engineering (by courtesy)
Co-chair of Data Science Institute

Research interests

Compressive sensing, mathematical signal processing, computational harmonic analysis, statistics, scientific computing. Applications to the imaging sciences and inverse problems. Other topics of recent interest include theoretical computer science, mathematical optimization, and information theory.


October, 2018. I am currently serving as the co-director of the Data Science Initiative with Jure Leskovec.

October, 2017. I have been named a MacArthur Fellow.

January 1st, 2016. I am serving a three-year term as Statistics Department Chair.

Recent publications
    • Y. Romano
    • R. F. Barber
    • C. Sabatti
    • E. J. Candès
    With malice towards none: Assessing uncertainty via equalized coverage. Pre-published. 2019.
    • M. Sesia
    • E. Katsevich
    • S. Bates
    • E. J. Candès
    • C. Sabatti
    Multi-resolution localization of causal variants across the genome. Pre-published. 2019. (Website & code)
    • Y. Romano
    • E. Patterson
    • E. J. Candès
    Conformalized quantile regression. Advances in neural information processing systems (NeurIPS 2019). To appear. 2019. (Website & code)
Artwork by Vincent Mahé