ACM 104: Homework Assignments

All handouts are available in postscript format; some of them are also available in adobe acrobat format. You may need to set up readers for these on your browser. One Postscript viewer is Ghostscript. To read .pdf files you need Adobe's Acroread.

HW #  Date distributed  Date due  Copy of HW  Solution
01/09  in class, 01/16 .pdf, .ps .pdf, .ps
01/16  in class, 01/23 .pdf, .ps .pdf, .ps
01/23  in class, 01/31 .pdf, .ps .pdf, .ps
02/07  in class, 02/14 .pdf, .ps .pdf, .ps
02/14  in class, 02/21 .pdf, .ps .pdf, .ps
02/21  in class, 03/02 .pdf, .ps  

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