Matlab functions

Matlab scripts

We provide the Matlab scripts that generate the figures and movies in the paper and in the website, along with the source data required to run them. For convenience, in some cases we also provide the precomputed data to directly generate the figures and movies.


The files aperiodic_pincat2.mat and invivo_perfusion4.mat are modifications of MRI data that was made available from:

  • B. Shariff and Y. Bresler, “Physiologically improved NCAT Phantom (PINCAT) enables in-silico study of the effects of beat-to-beat variability on cardiac MR,” in Proc. ISMRM, 2007, p. 3418.

  • S. G. Lingala, Y. Hu, E. DiBella, and M. Jacob, “Accelerated dynamic MRI exploiting sparsity and low-rank structure: kt-SLR,” IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., vol. 30, no. 5, pp. 1042–1054, 2011.

If you use either of these files in your personal work, please remember to cite these references.